Have you ever desired to bake or want to improve your baking skills?

Bake with Kay Mini Baking Course will help you to bake like a Pro within 7 days…GUARANTEED

Watch me bake a Banana Nuts Cake in Video below and you can bake yours right after you are done watching...

Hello friend

To be on this Page right now, I believe you are in my Facebook Group, on my email list or have definitely interacted with my content in some way.

If you have not, then find the Link to Bake to Kay Facebook Group at the bottom of this page, come and see what sisters like you are doing

My name is Kwaghdoo Enyi, creator of Bake with Kay and founder of Kay's Pastries LLC

My goal with this mini baking course is to help you bake like a pro within 7 days.

We have a full baking course with 24 cake lessons that helps you bake like a pro within 28 days. Enrollment is on going and you can register for either this mini or full course.

This mini baking course is here to help you get started with baking your own yummy cakes using well tested, easy, simple and fast techniques.

Now, if you have never baked before or you have, but been struggling with:

Burnt cakes
Strong cakes
Cakes that sink in center
Cakes not well cooked all round
Cakes that crack while baking
Cakes that don’t rise well
Cakes with cuddled batter
Cakes that are too dry or wet
Stiff and wrong batter texture
The right temperature and Time to bake specific cakes

Bake with Kay will reveal is to you well tested tips and tricks to bake soft, yummy, fluffy and delicious cakes all the time.

I have been baking for almost 30 years now since my first experience with Irish Reverend Sisters as a teenager, today, I run my own cake company Kay's Pastries LLC located in Abuja, Nigeria with over 10 full time Staff.

Over the years, I have baked over 10,000 cakes and counting.

I am well experienced to teach you the best recipes and techniques for awesome cakes.

There is no trial and error here, just watch the baking videos, I make it easy and simple, follow my explanations, get your ingredients and bake your own yummy cake.

Just like in the Banana Nuts cake video above, hope watched it? (watch and bake yours too, share your feedback in our group)

If baking variety of soft and delicious cakes using simple, easy and straight forward techniques sounds like a good idea to you…

...let me help you get started with Bake with Kay mini training course.

Let me quickly give you a rundown of the Cake lessons you will learn to bake in this training program.

They are 6 varieties of cakes to help you have a handful of options to bake for your family or customers.

  • 1. Cinnamon cake
  • 2. Marble cake
  • 3. Red Velvet cake
  • 4. Sponge cake
  • 5. Vanilla cake
  • 6. 7UP cake

Imagine yourself baking all the cakes above within the next 7 days days once you enroll for Bake with Kay mini course

After baking over 10,000 cakes, I can confidently tell you have dealt with all sorts of cake problems and found solutions to them. My methods will make baking so much fun for you.

I want to be your short cut and reduce learning time for you.


All you have to do is be willing to follow the recipes and instructions in Bake with Kay course.

If you can bring that willingness, I can help you with the rest until you start to bake like a pro.

That’s why I also have ONE bonus Video for you if you register today:

Proceed to pay for our mini baking course and receive one bonus video on:

1. How to make mouth watering Sandwiches


Now, Bake with Kay mini course training duration is 7 days.

You can bake 1 cake daily for 1 week.

As a paid student, you will receive login details to your own personal learning account with the 7 videos. 

You will have 2 years access to your personal learning account with 7 training videos

Before the 2 years elapse, you will be able to bake all cakes in this mini course very well.

Once you pay, you will be enrolled into the mini course immediatedly

Hurry now before enrollment closes for this mini baking course, go ahead and pay using the link below

Time is running out


You missed out!


Course Fee: N5000

You can pay through bank transfer or direct deposit:

Account name: Kays Cooking School

Account No: 0081837028

Bank Name: Sterling Bank

Once you make payment, post your Payment proof inside our Facebook group for Confirmation

You can also send an email with your payment proof to: bakewithkayng@gmail.com


Course Fee: 65 Ghana Cedis

You can pay through our Mobile Money agent:

Agent name: Cam Man Solutions (Augustine Essoun)

Account No: 233245220468

When paying from Ghana, use the payment reference "Bake with Kay Mini Course"

Once you make payment, post your Payment proof (SCREENSHOT) inside our Facebook group for Confirmation

You can also send an email with your payment proof to: bakewithkayng@gmail.com


Pay in USD

Course Fee: $15

(This applies if you are in South Africa, Kenya, Liberia, Botswana, Gambia, Uganda, Zimbabwe)

Click the Link below to pay $15

Once you make payment, post your Payment proof inside our Facebook group for Confirmation

You can also send an email with your payment proof to: bakewithkayng@gmail.com

You can also call our Customer care with number on image below, if you have any questions

Take action today without wasting time, we can close enrollment for this course or increase the training fee at anytime

I want to let you know that progress takes place outside your comfort zone, take this step today and equip yourself with tested baking skills.

Don’t waste your time, efforts and resources trying to do it all by yourself.

Receive organized step by step approach to baking super soft and moist cakes every time.

Tantalize the taste buds of your family and customers with with amazing cakes

To enroll for Bake with Kay mini training course is a wise investment that will yield you profits for a lifetime.

You can decide to bake for your family only and pass on the skills to your kids. Create a special bond with your kids baking together, I usually bake with my son and daughters.

You can bake as a business and make consistent cash with what you learn in Bake with Kay

You can become a baking tutor and teach others for a fee

No matter your aspiration, it’s a win win situation for you.

Once you learn and master these skills, no one can take them away from you.

Remember, the enrollment period is for a limited time

Make hay while the sun shines

To your baking success,

Kwaghdoo Enyi

Creator, Bake with Kay

Founder, Kay’s Pastries LLC


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