Learn Cake Decoration and become a Pro

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Acquire the knowledge and most hidden tricks and tips that will simplify cake decorating even if you have never decorated a cake before....

 learn tested decoration techniques broken down into step by step guide to help you decorate stunning cakes that make you more money and repeat customers!

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Are you having troubles giving your cakes enticing decorations to attract premium clients?

Cake decoration is the most profitable skill any baker can have- use this cake decoration course to start making enchanting fondant decorations, gripping Swiss Meringue butter cream decorations, appetizing butter cream decorations and irresistible whipping cream decorations all within four weeks.

...Register today and you never have to stare helplessly at uncovered cakes again.

What if you could learn a game-changing skill and start creating outstanding cake decorations within four weeks?

Let me show you how I do it.

And then you can follow suit and discover a unique mechanism that may well be...

The fastest method to start decorating your cakes.

Which, by the way, is also one of the fastest ways to start making your own money, legitimately.

"Bake with Kay Cake Decoration Course" teaches you a practical method to start making super enticing cake decorations whenever you need and faster than ever before.

It gives you the exact tools and key techniques you need to get your cakes noticed at any occasion.

Grab the simplest step-by-step cake decoration template and follow my lead as I guide you through 4 outstanding decoration techniques.

By the end of this course, you will have decorated at least forty cakes using any or all of the four decoration techniques covered extensively in this course.

Just follow the process, step by step, and decorate your own cakes.

Then, repeat and continue to get better with each cake you decorate


Are you dying to learn how to decorate cakes but don't know where to start?

If you feel a bit frustrated or overwhelmed, it's not surprising.

There are hundreds of hours of free content on cake decoration on Google, YouTube and blogs, and they are enlightening to be sure.

But they are bits and pieces from here and there, so it's hard to form a solid, composed view of the craft of cake decoration.

Perhaps you've even purchased one or two cake decoration courses already, or are considering it.

Good for you

That means you already know that cake decoration is THE NUMBER ONE BAKING SKILL EVERY BAKER SHOULD HAVE TODAY.

Trouble is...

Many of the courses out there mostly focus on telling you what is needed for good cake decoration, but they don't quite show how to actually do it.

But what if you DON'T HAVE TIME to spare and you really need to get started NOW?

That's where I come to your rescue.

My name is Kwaghdoo Enyi, and my mission is to make you a professional, happier and more successful cake decorator.

I know exactly how hard it is to get started on cake decoration and get past your insecurities.

In the early days of my baking career, I could spend 7 hours on a decorating task for which my professional and more experienced counterparts spent only 2.

Painful and tiring, I know.

But so common among those who are still learning the ropes of cake decoration.

Back then, even the simplest of requests made me freeze. If only I had someone to tell me what to do, where to start... Instead of me haphazardly trying to quickly learn and put together something in a rush...

It would have saved me so much trouble and hassle.

Now I know to hold your hand and reduce your learning time

That's why I designed a system that simplifies the process and makes it a lot easier for you to get started.

Something that focuses only on the bare essentials and the absolutely necessary cake decoration elements.

Something where less is totally so much more.

This is a tested framework which allows me to make four (4) different kinds of cake decorations – and if you follow my lead, you can do it, too

In this class, I’ll show you how to prepare fondant, royal icing, butter cream icing, whipping cream and Swiss Meringue butter cream, and the techniques I use in decorating cakes..

Now you may ask, what exactly is inside this course:

As soon as you sign up for the "Bake with Kay Cake Decoration Course", you will get instant access to a portal where you can always log in at any time to watch the tutorial videos. Your enrollment comes with...

  • 28 videos on cake decoration (roughly 15 minutes each)
  • Weekly question and answer support sessions
  • Access on any device: phone, tablet or laptop
  • Lifetime access
  • Certificate of completion
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Here’s how it works

To illustrate how I plan to help you, I have broken down the "Bake with Kay Cake Decoration Course" into four weeks.

Week 1 (Fondant class)

  • How to make fondant
  • How to cover a cake with fondant
  • Using moulds
  • Swags and drapes
  • Stenciling a cake
  • How to make bows
  • Painting on sugar
  • Sugar frills

How to make Royal Icing

Week 2 (Swiss Meringue Butter Cream)

  • How to make a Swiss Meringue butter cream
  • Covering a cake with Swiss Meringue butter cream
  • Stenciling a cake with Swiss Meringue butter cream

Week 3 (Butter Cream Class)

  • How to make butter cream icing
  • Covering a cake with butter cream
  • Piping with butter cream

Whipping Cream Class

  • How to make whipping cream
  • Covering a cake with whipping cream
  • How to make chocolate ganache

Week 4 (Finishing techniques)

  • Rice paper sails
  • Simple ballet slippers
  • Glitter cakes
  • Basic sugar flowers
  • Molding fruits
  • Introduction to figure modeling
  • How to stack cakes for decoration
  • Other cake finishing techniques

Ready to dive in? SIGN UP TODAY by clicking the button below!

When you purchase this course, it's yours for keeps.

You are free from the pressure of having to complete it by a certain deadline: there is no expiration date for taking it. You can watch the videos and have a go at the decorating tasks at your own pace, whenever it suits you best.

Some students prefer to follow the course through in one swell swoop (as it's only 15 minutes each), but you can definitely slice it up into smaller bits if you like: maybe one video at lunch break, or when you've put the kids to bed, or when you're taking the bus home – just follow a routine that works best for you.

Jump on board now and start seeing some immediate and spectacular results in your cake decoration.

Start now and you'll become a pro at decoration within four weeks. GUARANTEED



This course is the right fit for…

  • Creatives, bakers, busy business-owners and anyone who wants to learn to decorate their own cakes and look for hands-on training on how to do it
  • Anyone who is new to cake decoration
  • Bakers who want a detailed and simplified course to boost their cake decoration prowess.

This course is NOT the right match for you if...

  • You’re not ready to put in any effort and do the tasks required
  • You’re looking for a more comprehensive decoration course that goes deeper into the strategies and how to do special decorations like cake sculpturing and decorating character cakes
  • You want to learn baking
  • You want baking tips
  • You’re mainly looking for rinse-and-repeat decoration templates to be used without giving it much thought.

However, IF you do complete the course, watch the videos and go through the tasks, it is going to have a remarkable impact on the designs you put down on your cakes – that I can promise.

And what if you don't like it...? No problem. You get your money back.

If for any reason at all, you feel like my course did not live up to its promise or meet your expectations, just let me know. You have a full 30-day iron clad money-back guarantee. 

So when you buy this course, you have absolutely nothing to lose, I have removed from you the fear of what if this doesn't work

Do you need help with the lectures?

If there’s anything you’d like to ask about the lectures, please let me know.

You can either send me a direct message, post your questions inside our interactive support group.

Be rest assured that – I’m here for you and ready to help every step of the way.

Want to perfect your cake decoration skills within four weeks?

If you want to become a professional cake decorator within four weeks, then…

Click on the button below to Enroll in “Bake with Kay Cake Decoration Course” now.

And best of all, besides just cake decoration, you can apply the four decoration techniques to practically any type of cake and churn out cakes that attract premium clients.

I can easily charge upward of 150,000 naira for the immense value you will receive when you enroll today

Aside from the well detailed videos you will get access to, you will be added to our support group where you will have access to me so you never get stuck if you ever need help.

The techniques you will learn here are time tested, you are guaranteed to earn back your course fee and much more when you decorate cakes with these techniques

Your customers will become your raving fans when you use your new knowledge to decorate amazingly beautiful cakes for them

In order to get you started today without delay, you only pay a third of 150,000 naira

You are learning from someone who runs her own profitable cake business and not some quack talking theory and no practical

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Do not Pass over this Opportunity to become a sought after cake decorator especially

  • If you want to learn a straightforward and easy method of making cake coverings (fondant, Swiss Meringue butter cream, butter cream and whipping cream)
  • If you want to make their cake stand out and attract high-paying clients
  • If you are a beginner who are curious to learn about excellent and easy-to-adopt decoration techniques
  • If you are a baker who want to sharpen up their decoration skills and make the decoration process a whole lot easier

Do not waste your time decorating horrible looking cakes when you have the best opportunity here to finally overcome all your cake decoration worries?

You will learn the most hidden tricks and tips that will simplify the art of cake decoration for you, these are tips you can't find in Youtube videos

I'm teaching you from practical knowledge of what I have been applying in my own cake business in the past 20 years. My greatest mission is to impart this knowledge and support you to also become a sought after cake decorator

Even if you have learnt elsewhere but are not confident of your decoration skills


This course will simplify cake decoration for you as though I was standing right beside you


Kwaghdoo Enyi is a renowned and experienced master baker with over 25 years’ extensive experience. She is the founder of Kay’s Pastries LLC, a company that specializes in baking celebratory cakes for all kinds of occasions.

Her track record involves baking for Reputable Companies, Top Dignitaries, Multinationals, Famous Artistes, Charity Organizations, and so on.

Her passion to own a bespoke baking business started on her 18th birthday, when she received a birthday cake from her sister. The cake looked very beautiful and she was full of excitement upon seeing it; but sadly, when she cut the cake after friends sang her a birthday song, it was horrible and poorly done.

In her disappointment, she resolved to ensure that no one goes through such an anticlimax on their special day, and so Kay’s Pastries was born.

She has trained thousands of students on the art and science of Baking and Decorating delicious and beautiful cakes.

Do you know baking and decoration can be a perfect side hustle for you if you already have a job or a full time business if you are unemployed?

The best part of this training is you get to keep all the knowledge and even master more as you have me to help you learn seamlessly

You can secure a job as a cake decorator or become a trainer to teach others

No matter how you look at it.. It is a win-win for you

Do not miss the opportunity to register today.. The training fee can increase at anytime

You will learn how to start and run your cake business in our exclusive support group.

Why spend more time and effort struggling to do it on your own, enroll for Bake with Kay cake decoration course today and start your training immediately.. No delay

I trust as a wise and smart person, you won't let this opportunity pass you by, click the button below to register now

To your cake decoration success,

Kwaghdoo Enyi

Creator Bake with Kay

Founder, Kays Pastries LLC

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