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Crack the Baking Code

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Finally, you now have a 51 pages guide that reveals to you how to bake by methods and not just recipes.

Whether you have never baked before or still struggling, you now have everything you need to bake soft and yummy cakes from scratch without mistakes...

Dear friend,

Have you been looking to learn the science and craft of baking awesome cakes?

Have you ever baked a cake you were thoroughly satisfied with?

Are you still struggling to figure out this baking thing?

How many more horrible looking and tasting cakes do you want to bake before you realize you can actually bake enchanting cakes like a pro?

You have spent so much money buying cake ingredients and equipment, only to churn out terribly burnt and detestable cakes every single time.

You went on to watch YouTube videos, bought baking courses, read blog articles and e-books on how to bake great tasting cakes, yet you ended up getting the same results -poor quality cakes!

To make matters worse, you're beginning to experience poor volume cake, bursted/cracked cakes, uneven shape of cakes, undone cakes and extremely tough/dense cakes.

You're wondering what's wrong with your baking and you're beginning to think that baking isn't for you.

Hold on a bit

Here's what's wrong: you're not following the right rules!

You have consistently broken rules that are peculiar to the particular type of cake you're baking.

I understand your pains and want you out of it in no time which is why I have put together everything you need to know about baking from the scratch in this fifty-one-page e-book.

If you are eager to bake your first yummy cake but don't know how to get started without errors, then this book below is what you need to bake soft cakes that will amaze you, your family and friends.

In this book which you can get in soft or hard copy, you will learn in easy steps:

  • How to bake twelve (12) different kinds of cakes (7up cake, honey/spice cake, red velvet cake, pound cake, carrot cake, vanilla cake, chocolate cake, lemon cake, basic sponge cake, vanilla chiffon cake, red velvet chiffon cake and chocolate sponge cake)
  • Three (3) different methods of baking yummy cakes all the time
  • Common cake faults, their causes and how to avoid them
  • The right baking ingredients
  • Baking equipments to have as a beginner
  • How to prepare a pan for baking
  • How to take accurate measurement
  • The right size of baking pan for each cake
  • The recommended baking time for different types of cake
  • The shelf life of your cakes so they don't go bad

You could choose to learn baking from YouTube where you will receive no help if you get stuck or from a cook book 

but I guarantee you, it won't be as precise as this book I want to place in your hands today.


Do not miss out on the personalized feeling of learning baking as though I was standing right besides you.

Take a few seconds and imagine this:

  • You will finally be able to bake just any kind of great-tasting cake for your clients and family.
  • Imagine being able to use different methods to bake flawless cakes without errors.
  • Imagine being able to pull out your baked cake comfortably from the pan without it sticking
  • You will know how to tackle any baking problem you have or one that may arise
  • You finally have customers ordering your cakes over and over
  • Your friends and customers recommending you to others because of how great your cakes taste
  • You finally master baking such that you can confidently teach others and make more money.

I can choose to charge you 10,000 naira for this e-book and won't feel bad about it because of the top quality and secrets tips covered inside but I won't.

This book is a product of over twenty 20 years baking experience and because I don't want you to miss out on getting your copy today, the price has been slashed to 5,000 naira

However, the first fifty (50) persons to click the green button below will pay only 3,500 naira


If you still encounter any baking problems after reading and putting this book to practice, I will give you a full refund of your money.

But you must show me evidence that you actually practiced what you learned from the book yet didn't get awesome results.

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The master key to finally crack the baking code and bake soft, tasty and attractive cakes is in your hands.

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Do you know baking can become a perfect side hustle for you if you already have a job or a full time business if you are unemployed?

You can secure a job as a master baker or become a trainer to teach others

No matter how you look at it.. It is a win-win situation for you

You can decide to bake as a hobby for your family and create happy moments at home

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I trust as a wise and smart person, you won't let this opportunity pass you by

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Kwaghdoo Enyi is a renowned and experienced master baker with over 25 years’ extensive experience. She is the founder of Kay’s Pastries LLC, a company that specializes in baking celebratory cakes for all kinds of occasions.

Her track record involves baking for Reputable Companies, Top Dignitaries, Multinationals, Famous Artistes, Charity Organizations, and so on.

Her passion to own a bespoke baking business started on her 18th birthday, when she received a birthday cake from her sister. The cake looked very beautiful and she was full of excitement upon seeing it; but sadly, when she cut the cake after friends sang her a birthday song, it was horrible and poorly done.

In her disappointment, she resolved to ensure that no one goes through such an anticlimax on their special day, and so Kay’s Pastries was born.

She has trained thousands of students on the art and science of Baking and Decorating delicious and beautiful cakes.

Watch my interview with International news channel Arise TV on how the baking industry is thriving



If you desire to start your baking career without frustrations or simply tired of baking heavily flawed cakes which no one complements, look no further as this book is what you need.

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To your baking success,

Kwaghdoo Enyi

Creator Bake like a Pro

Founder, Kays Pastries LLC

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