Are you ready to finally Crack the Baking Code and Bake Enchanting Cakes like a PRO within 28 days?

If you are eager to start baking as a beginner or baking heavily flawed cakes as an amateur, join hundreds of my students who have learnt how to bake over 20 varieties of cakes by methods; and have transitioned from amateurs to professional bakers.

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How do you feel when customers patronize you for the first time and never return?

Isn't it a cause to worry when your cake doesn't get positive comments as you expected?

Have you been struggling with getting the perfect texture for your cakes no matter how well you get your measurements right?

Do you wish to be recommended by all your customers and see them coming back to order your cakes over and over again?

You don't have to worry anymore

Learn and master baking from the comfort of your home, Bake like a Pro course will teach you how to bake over 20 types of types of fluffy, yummy, soft and delicious cakes all the time without mistakes?

Bake like a Pro course will save you time and energy while helping you to get your desired result.

You will learn hidden baking secrets you can't find on Google which will turn you from a novice / amateur to a professional baker.

Do you know the Baking Business has proven to be very lucrative; and it booms even in economically challenging times. 

In this Bake Like a Pro course, you will be equipped with the essential Baking knowledge and skills that will help you, not only start your own Baking Business, but also make delicious and beautiful cakes for friends and family like the baking video at the bottom of this page. Keep reading

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Bake 24 varieties of cakes
  • Bake soft, fluffy and good-looking cakes all the time
  • Bake great tasting cakes that will keep your customers, friends and family ordering more and more
  • Know about baking methods such that you can create your own masterpiece

You will also have access to:

  • A highly experienced Tutor to guide you with tested baking secrets and tips
  • A weekly support session on an exclusive Facebook Group
  • Super easy-to-follow Video tutorials
  • Join a Community of enthusiastic Bakers, be with those you want to be like
  • Receive on-going Support so you never get stuck or feel alone
  • And a Certificate of proficiency at the end of the course.


Kwaghdoo Enyi is a renowned and experienced master baker with over 25 years’ extensive experience. She is the founder of Kay’s Pastries LLC, a company that specializes in baking celebratory cakes for all kinds of occasions.

Her track record involves baking for Reputable Companies, Top Dignitaries, Multinationals, Famous Artistes, Charity Organizations, and so on.

Her passion to own a bespoke baking business started on her 18th birthday, when she received a birthday cake from her sister. The cake looked very beautiful and she was full of excitement upon seeing it; but sadly, when she cut the cake after friends sang her a birthday song, it was horrible and poorly done.

In her disappointment, she resolved to ensure that no one goes through such an anticlimax on their special day, and so Kay’s Pastries was born.

She has trained thousands of students on the art and science of Baking and Decorating delicious and beautiful cakes.

Watch my interview with International news channel Arise TV on how the baking industry is thriving


List of Cakes you will learn to Bake within 28 DAYS

  • 1. Butterscotch cake
  • 2. Cinnamon cake
  • 3. Choco-Banana cake
  • 4. Coconut cake
  • 5. Carrot cake
  • 6. Chiffon cake
  • 7. Coconut milk cake
  • 8. Chocolate cake
  • 9. Lemon cake
  • 10. Marble cake
  • 11. Madeira cake
  • 12. Malt/ Chocolate cake
  • 13. Ginger cake
  • 14. 3 Milk cake
  • 15. 7Up cake
  • 16. Beer cake with Guinness Stout
  • 17. Beer cake with Heineken
  • 18. Honey and Spice cake
  • 19. Pound cake
  • 20. Red Velvet cake
  • 21. Red Velvet Chiffon cake
  • 22. Simple sponge cake
  • 23. Rum and Spice cake
  • 24. Vanilla cake

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    1. How to make mouth watering Sandwiches

    2. How to make Cinnamon rolls

    3. How to make Chocolate chips cookies

    4. How to make bread rolls



    How many more horrible looking and tasting cakes do you want to bake before you realize Bake like a Pro is the course you need to finally overcome all your baking worries?

    You spend time to watch Youtube videos, spend your money to buy baking ingredients yet you get poor results

    Maybe you are wondering if you can ever be a great baker OR you are even about to give up on the whole baking thing


    Bake like a Pro within 28 days course is here to teach you how to bake yummy and awesome cakes as though I was standing right beside you


    If you still encounter baking problems after taking this course, If you cannot bake fluffy and yummy cakes that will have your friends and customers asking for more, show me evidence that you practiced what you learnt in this course yet didn't get great results and I will refund your training fee in FULL

    I don't want anything to hold you back from getting started today

    Do you know baking can be a perfect side hustle for you if you already have a job or a full time business if you are unemployed?

    The best part of this training is you get to keep all the knowledge and even master more

    You can secure a job as a master baker or become a trainer to teach others

    No matter how you look at it.. It is a win-win for you

    Do not miss the opportunity to register today.. The training fee can increase at anytime

    You will learn how to start and run your small cake business in our exclusive support group.

    Why spend more time and effort struggling to do it on your own, enroll for Bake like a Pro today and start your training immediatedly.. No delay

    I trust as a wise and smart person, you won't let this opportunity pass you by, click the button below to register now

    To your baking success,

    Kwaghdoo Enyi

    Creator Bake like a Pro

    Founder, Kays Pastries LLC

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