2nd July --- 16th July, 2021

If you ever desired to bake or want to improve your skills to bake soft, yummy, fluffy and delicious Cakes for your Family or Sale…

Bake with Kay will help you to bake and upgrade like a Pro within 28 days…GUARANTEED

This is a Special Extended Offer for Zimbabwe Students

They are 24 varieties of cakes to help you have many options to bake for your family or customers.

  • 1. Butterscotch cake
  • 2. Cinnamon cake
  • 3. Choco-Banana cake
  • 4. Coconut cake
  • 5. Carrot cake
  • 6. Chiffon cake
  • 7. Coconut milk cake
  • 8. Chocolate cake
  • 9. Lemon cake
  • 10. Marble cake
  • 11. Madeira cake
  • 12. Malt/ Chocolate cake
  • 13. Ginger cake
  • 14. 3 Milk cake
  • 15. 7Up cake
  • 16. Beer cake with Guinness Stout
  • 17. Beer cake with Heineken
  • 18. Honey and Spice cake
  • 19. Pound cake
  • 20. Red Velvet cake
  • 21. Red Velvet Chiffon cake
  • 22. Simple sponge cake
  • 23. Rum and Spice cake
  • 24. Vanilla cake

    Now, Bake with Kay training duration is a total of 5 weeks

    The first 4 weeks is for training and practical, the 5th week is for review and round up of all we learnt, you complete your assignment and earn your Certificate of Completion from Kay’s Cooking School. It can be emailed to you

    As a paid student, you will receive login details to your own personal learning account. You will also be added to our exclusive members’ only private Facebook group for weekly support. You will be in the group with other bakers and I will also be there, it is where we will all be interacting.

    You will have 5 years access to your personal learning account with all 26 training videos

    You will also receive the 4 free baking videos in your personal portal making it 30 baking videos.

    Before the 5 years elapse, you will be a seasoned baker then

    Now, they are 3 payment options in the course namely:


    • Online course only where you buy the course and receive access to your videos to study on your own, the videos are explanatory enough for you to follow and bake.


    • Online course with group coaching where you buy the course, get login details and in addition, be added to our exclusive Facebook group for weekly coaching sessions. All your questions and any baking challenges you may have will be discussed in these sessions.


    • Online course with One on One coaching where you will buy the course, get login details and in addition receive One on One coaching from me NOT in a group setting with others.
    • We can meet on Zoom, Google Meet or Whatsapp Video Call, just me and you. I answer your questions and proffer solutions to any baking challenge you may have. We meet for first 4 weeks for training and then review and close in the 5th week.

    Bake with Kay course enrollment will be extended for all our International students because of the payment challenges and delays we experienced.

    It will now run from Friday 2nd July, 2021 and close on Friday 16th July, 2021

    They are 3 payment phases during the duration of enrollment namely:

       PHASE 1

    • Earliest bird: this phase will run for 4 days from 2nd July – 6th July. You will pay the least when you register during this time.

    PHASE 2

    • Early bird: this phase will run for 8 days from 7th July – 14thth July. The fee here will increase than what you pay in earliest bird.

    PHASE 3

    • Closing Fee: this phase will run for 2 days from 15th July --- 16th July. The fee here will be more than earliest and early bird phase.

    Please read very carefully to understand, see the image below for full clarity.

    Once enrollment ends, training starts for the next 5 weeks.

    See the training fees schedule on image below, you can pay the dollar amount in Zimbabwe dollar

    Hurry now before enrollment closes, choose your preferred training option and pay using the link below

    Earliest bird payment phase ends once the timer hits ZERO


    You missed out!

    Option A

    Online Course only

    Click link below to pay 9,660 Zimbabwe dollars only between 2nd July – 6th July

    Option B

    Online Course with Group Coaching

    Click link below to pay 12,305 Zimbabwe dollars only between 2nd July – 6th July

    Option C

    Online Course with One on One Coaching

    Click link below to pay 31,235 Zimbabwe dollars only between 2nd July –6th July

    Once you make payment, post your Payment proof inside our Facebook group for Confirmation

    You can also send an email with your payment proof to: bakewithkayng@gmail.com

    You will be confirmed and added to our exclusive Facebook Group for the option you paid for.

    You will also receive log in access to your personal learning portal

    Join Bake with Kay Facebook Group below if you haven't

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